You might not like everything you see or agree with the shows below therefore beware before watching. We are giving you the news and most controversial shows over the past 4 years of The “Mayweather Live” Show. Sorry for the quality of the older videos but now we have some of the best production due to the support from our local and national sponsors. Thank you for watching and enjoy!

What Women Really Want… The “Mayweather Live” Show from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

What Women Really Want from Sex, Money, Relationships, and more it’s all in this show. Mayweather Live speaks with three completely different types of ladies and gives you the inside scoop about what Women Really Want and what they don’t like at all. Watch the show and pass it on to a friend. Follow The “Mayweather Live” Show:

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Why Women Like Women Sexuality from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Gay, Stud, Lipstick Lesbian, and Femme what does this all mean? In this show Mayweather Live talks with 4 females about their sexuality as far as being gay females. What made them gay, do they date men, what are they attracted to and more. This is a very informative educational show to inform the public about different lifestyles.

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Prostitution & Sex Services Online In America “MLive” from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

Prostitution in America is on the rise and far from how it use to be. In general the prostitutes would be on the corner in a major city or in a run down neighborhood selling sex but not anymore. Now prostitution has reached the internet and you can pick exactly what you are looking for from height, weight, bust, race and more on, and more.
In this show we will walk you through the process of how the modern prostitutes go about selling themselves online and have business cards that direct you to their pimp. Not only do we show you how they are booked but we take you directly into the action and bust one prostitute in action and bust another on a hidden camera as she tells us her rates. This is one show you don’t want to miss!!! We will be pushing this show to major media outlets so as a viewer pass this clip around and embed.

We do not support prostitution we are just giving the World an inside view at everyday life which is the #1 goal for the “Mayweather Live” show.

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Transsexual Prostitution Booking Caught In The Action (Life Stripper Bonus clip) from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

This is a su­per live show about Trans­sex­u­al Pros­ti­tu­tion. A cou­ple of months ago we did a show on female prostitution ( and it was a hit. A lot of fans asked us why don’t we do a show on male pros­ti­tu­tion so that is ex­act­ly what we did. The on­ly prob­lem we had was that male pros­ti­tu­tion is main­ly in the gay com­mu­ni­ty. In this show you will see us call, talk, and meet up with trans­sex­u­al pros­ti­tutes. At the end of this show we have a special feature on strippers. Trust us it is “ALL THE WAY LIVE” . To see full shows and learn more about the “May­weath­er Live” show vis­it:


Homosexual Lifestyle Uncut “MLive” from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

The “Mayweather Live” show is all about showing different cultures and different sides of life. In this show we talk about the homosexual lifestyle with Nolan & Fabian who are gay. We asked them in depth questions people might want to know about gay people such as what made you gay, why do you dress like a woman, do you date both genders, how are you treated different because you are gay, do you think your where born gay, and a lot more. The last 4 minutes of this show are very explicit; you are being warned.

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Males vs. Females Do’s & Don’ts “Uncut” from Mayweather Live on Vimeo.

This show is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! We’ve done some research of our own to find some common things that turn men and women on and off. In this show we address topics such as ORAL SEX, LATE NIGHT COMPANY, WOMEN WHO SAY “I’M NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL ”, THE WAY GUYS HOLLA AT LADIES and more related topics to our “BATTLE OF THE SEXES”.
This is one show that you need to watch if you are sexually active, on the dating scene or both. Trust us you don’t want to miss this uncut, tantalizing, informative episode of The Mayweather Live Show.
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