Control Or Be Controlled


Control or Be Controlled gives the political side of sports (mainly football) along with all the ins and outs of the sport starting from a little kid all the way up until when a college athlete is trying to go pro. This book lists lots of tips and advice for an athlete to use along their athletic journey. Tips such as how to find a high school and once an athlete is in high school how they would go about looking for a college and completing the recruiting process. Some other tips that are extremely beneficial and can be the money makers for an athlete would be the information included about how to find an agent and get into pro football camps, tryouts, combines, how to do the drills that the coaches will have an athlete doing, along with how to contact the coaches and scouts. Those are just a few key pointers to look out for in this book. All of the information in this book was gathered from interviews with Agents, NFL scouts, NFL coaches, NFL players, CFL Scouts, CFL players, AFL coaches, AFL players and of course my personal experiences along the way.

Control Or Be Controlled

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