The “Mayweather Live” Show is a controversial and insightful documentary traveling talk show series that shows the lives of people from all different backgrounds across the world. On every episode, host and producer, Brashaad Mayweather explores and learns about something new in life that interest most people but might not generally be openly spoken about. Whether it is the life of the blind, learning from a Buddhist Monk, figuring out what rape is while talking with victims, speaking with an ex drug dealer and current crack addict about life, or going in depth showing people what it is to skydive, speaking with a Voodoo priestess, learning how to meditate, talking with a pastor about what may or may not be in the Bible, and showing how a celebrities life on tour is, Mayweather brings the viewers a different part of life that will educate and inspire them through feelings of fear, sorrow, and joy weekly.

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